Flowers In Mind


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flowers in mind

‘Flowers In Mind’ Art Print by honey-T Designs 2015

My new drawing of a girl thinking of flowers. I scanned her into Photoshop where I added the flower collage feature. She is available as a small print via my Etsy shop.


A Prayer In The Garden


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‘Please God’ A4 Print by Honey-T Designs

This drawing represents a freer style of art making I have been adopting inspired by a Japanese Aesthetic known as Wabi-sabi (ie beauty found in imperfection and transience). I just love the great energy found in initial rough sketches, unlaboured, free, alive.

Visit this link for more on Wabi-sabi

Garden Girl


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Garden Girl by Honey-T Designs

A delightfully spontaneous sketch I made around a found cut out image of plants from an old gardening book. All scanned and prepped up in photoshop. A4 print available through Etsy.

Draw Free, Be Free


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TC Baby

‘TC Baby’ A4 Art Print.

Fun Love

‘Fun Love’ A4 Art Print

I am adopting a freer style of drawing. Most artists use their initial rough sketch to inspire their polished finished piece. I have decided to use this initial rough sketch, which is imbued with the fun, free flowing ‘energy’ it took to create it, scan it into Photoshop, tidy it up a bit and add colour….Voila! A free spirited piece of art to hopefully put a smile on someone’s face. New in my Etsy shop now.

This love will be sweet


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Sweet Love. Work in progress by Honey-T

I am tremendously slow at introducing new designs, yet, moving forward is all I can do…no matter how slow! Here is a new illustration I am working on which is still deciding which direction it wishes to take. The fans and ribbons are asking themselves…”Shall we be ‘pink’ or shall we be ‘blue’? Hopefully this one will be making an appearance in my Etsy shop really soon!