It’s Quirky


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‘Happy’ print by Honey-T Designs

Some new quirkiness for my Etsy shop. I scanned my initial sketch into photoshop where I added elements of collage and colour. Inititially I hesitated in adding the ‘Happy’ bit thinking it may give it an annoying ‘forced’ positive quote vibe. But then I thought, ‘Why not’! Come on, get happeeee… Just like The Partridge Family said!

Quirky Girl


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‘Quirky Girl’ print by honey-T Designs.

Created from my original marker pen sketch which I scanned into Photoshop and added a little electronic magic. I’ve made her available as a postcard/small art print through my Etsy store.

A Prayer In The Garden


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‘Please God’ A4 Print by Honey-T Designs

This drawing represents a freer style of art making I have been adopting inspired by a Japanese Aesthetic known as Wabi-sabi (ie beauty found in imperfection and transience). I just love the great energy found in initial rough sketches, unlaboured, free, alive.

Visit this link for more on Wabi-sabi

Garden Girl


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Garden Girl by Honey-T Designs

A delightfully spontaneous sketch I made around a found cut out image of plants from an old gardening book. All scanned and prepped up in photoshop. A4 print available through Etsy.

Draw Free, Be Free


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TC Baby

‘TC Baby’ A4 Art Print.

Fun Love

‘Fun Love’ A4 Art Print

I am adopting a freer style of drawing. Most artists use their initial rough sketch to inspire their polished finished piece. I have decided to use this initial rough sketch, which is imbued with the fun, free flowing ‘energy’ it took to create it, scan it into Photoshop, tidy it up a bit and add colour….Voila! A free spirited piece of art to hopefully put a smile on someone’s face. New in my Etsy shop now.