Fun, love and natural forms of beauty are of great inspiration to Melbourne artist Tracy Ann Morrow. Naturally drawn towards the lighter side of life, Tracy’s love for whimsical drawing became prevalent after completing a bachelor of fine art painting at Melbourne’s VCA in 1997. Never one to take herself too seriously, Tracy used her experience at art school as a stepping stone into a new venture of creating art for ‘fun’s sake’.

A note from the artist

Art is my therapeutic ‘go-to’ hobby which brings me much joy.

My journey through art has seen my work evolve from somber toned and obscure to bright, light-hearted and whimsical. While melancholia still creeps into my work, the driving force influencing my art now is life’s simple pleasures, like ‘smelling the roses’, fun, love, and kindness. These are the things which motivate me, and creating art which reflects these things is very healing. With each completed drawing I wonder why I don’t do it more often!

Thanks for stopping by!

See the artists inspirations growing in Tam’s Garden.

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