Lil’ Biscuit is a small artist run label featuring the quirky, heartfelt illustrations of artist T A Morrow. Operating in Melbourne, Australia, Lil’ Biscuit offers a small but growing range of whimsical cards and art prints with an aim of inspiring a little more love and joy in the world.

A note from the artist

Lil’ Biscuit was born out of a desire to share my art with the world. Through a line of whimsical greeting cards and art prints it is my hope that someone somewhere will be delighted by my quirky and sweet creations.

My journey through art has seen my work evolve from somber toned and obscure to bright, light-hearted and whimsical. While melancholia still creeps into my work at times the driving force now influencing my art is life’s simple pleasures. Smelling the roses, kindness, love, these are the things which motivate me and creating art which reflects these qualities is very healing. With each completed drawing I wonder why I don’t do it more often!

Read more about the artist.


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